Pebble Plus®, Pool Stone®, Pebble Plus Beach, Pool Stone Beach and Pebble Plus Luminosity Limited Warranty

Adams Pool Solutions (APS) warrants its aggregate products, Pebble Plus® and Pool Stone® to be free of material and workmanship defects for a period of ten (10) years from date of installation.  This warranty shall also cover any bond failure between the Pebble Plus® or Pool Stone® finish and the substrate provided the pool shell has been prepared by APS.  In the event of failure, APS shall, at its discretion, make all repairs deemed necessary to correct the problem.


  1. Some loss of stone is to be expected, especially during the first few months after installation.  This is not to be considered a defect.
  2. It is understood that natural stone and application techniques including normal exposure variation can result in color variations in tone and appearance.  This variation in pool shades is not to be considered a failure or a defect.  These color and shade variations are one of the highlights of the natural pebble pool.
  3. APS shall have the right to repair the area of failure only.  It is understood that some cosmetic variation may result.
  4. Subsequent costs such as water replacement, chemicals, and loss of use of the pool are not covered.
  5. This warranty shall not include pools which have been abused physically or through lack of proper water chemistry management allowed to fall into a state of neglect and/or disrepair.
  6. Minor surface check cracking, structural cracks and other physical problems related to movement, shifting, or displacement of the pool shell are excluded from this warranty.
  7. This warranty is not transferable and is valid only for the original purchaser of the Pebble Plus® or Pool Stone® finish.