The genesis of Pebble Plus came about after more than twenty years as a licensed pebble applicator. Adams Pool Solutions was the first and only installer in the Bay Area for twenty years and were instrumental in creating the quality brand identification that the product enjoys to this day. Under our watch, the pebble process became synonymous with excellence as our crews set new standards for superior quality workmanship.

During the recession in the years following 2008, a number of competing plaster companies tried their hand at the exposed aggregate pool finish game.  They saw the success we had as the product began to dominate the industry.  Unfortunately they were using inferior materials and didn’t have the years of experience that our crews had amassed and as a result, the industry began to see a dilution in the quality of the product.

We saw a need for a product that would build upon our knowledge and experience but would bring a fresh perspective to the process.  Our familiarity with the industry proved invaluable as we located sources for quality aggregates here in Northern California, procured the highest quality pigments and glass and developed what we now know as Pebble Plus®.

We have been asked what sets Pebble Plus® apart from all the other exposed aggregate surfaces.  The five finish variations all combine the finest white cement available anywhere in the world, recycled glass beads, locally sourced aggregates and oxide based pigments for a permanent hue.  The result is a finish that will stand the test of time and maintain its beauty even in the harsh environment of chemically treated pool water.

But our most important asset and really our secret weapon are the men who install the finish day after day.  They have perfected the art of Pebble Plus® application.  And make no mistake, it is an art form.  Shaping the material to conform to each shape in the pool and then exposing the rock to achieve perfectly uniform exposure doesn’t just happen.  Eighty percent of our crew members have been with us for twenty years and this is their craft.  They take immense pride in their work and it shows day after day in pool after pool.


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