When the Pebble Plus® trucks and crew arrive to install your new interior pool surface, you may get the feeling that your home is about to be invaded by a small, well organized army.  The crewmen set to work in a highly choreographed production that harkens back to a traveling circus erecting the big top tent.  As the trucks get set up, plastic sheeting is rolled out everywhere to protect the surrounding area, multiple hoses are run to and from the pool, ropes run this way and that and men scurry around in and out of the pool.  And all this happens before any material is applied.

As the installation process begins, each batch of material is thoroughly mixed with specific aggregates, white cement and pre-measured pigments.  From the mixer the “mud” goes into a hopper and is then pumped to the pool where it is applied via a special nozzle.  As the “mud” is applied, the finishers began to spread it and start the process of shaping it to fit the individual contours of your pool.  As the “mud” begins to set, they start the washing process which exposes the aggregate.  The troweling and washing process continue until your entire pool is finished with a smooth, velvety surface.

The following day a smaller crew arrives to give the pool a final wash, install all the interior fittings and lights and lightly buff the surface.  They then start the filling process with your garden hose.  Our goal is to leave your home in such a way is that the only way you know we were in your back yard is because you have a new surface in your swimming pool.



Limited Warranty on all finishes